Newbie/Loving so far

Just started and playing most recent BB.

2 Questions:

  1. No base functions are online yet–research etc…or do I need to keep playing to find scientist/engineers and stuff?

  2. Does the items of a fallen soldier return to your pool of items to equip on another soldier?


  1. Definitely need dig in/hunker down for cover feature (I seen there is a thread on this).
  2. Soldiers should be able to use first aid kits in armadillo…we used them in Humvees in Afghanistan.
  3. Bullets should be able to penetrate wood/sheet metal walls and cause some damage to enemy (Instead the bullet just seems the first action to knock the cover out of the way with no damage to alien behind wall).
  4. Give us control of Civilians… I hate when civilians just run aimlessly when attacked…thus runs into open space for alien to kill… Either give us control of their actions, or make them more AI enhanced to run away from threat and hunker down.

All I can think of for suggestions now, Thanks for the great game and follow up from XCOM, u guys rock!

with regards to 1: those didn’t make it to Backer Build 4 but will be in Backer Build 5. That said the systems in BB5 will be placeholder to avoid spoiling everything.
with regards to 2: AFAIK no, you have to pick them up. However here, I am just assuming that is how it is. The devs will have to clarify.

regarding feedback 3: That is because the structural integrity system for cover didn’t make it to BB4. Your feedback is the plan for the final release
regarding feedback 4: The AI in BB4 is very simple. a move advanced AI is in the works

If I well remember all that was in backpack and in ready items is returning to base, but you loose armor which was on that soldier. I hope it will change, so we will have all those items back.

I feel like this should be situational. For instance, if you had to evac before completing the objective because of an overwhelming enemy force then you shouldn’t get anything back unless you make an effort to grab it on the way out (and have the space to carry it). Or if you complete the objective and wipe all enemies then get all dropped equipment back, including deployed turrets. Not sure what their plans are with regards to this in the final game though…?

Of course. What I meant was just in case of win condition. But truth is that currently there is not big chance to loose a mission. :slight_smile: I’m completely sure they will sort it out as there will be dynamic objectives and different win conditions, so all cases with taking loot need to be clear.

Yeah most of the missions are pretty straightforward at the moment. Hopefully BB5 will have better balance and more challenge. Can’t wait to see the new units and tile sets they’ve been showing off :slight_smile: and hopefully fixed the inconsistent crash on explosives. That’s the only thing that’s ruined my enjoyment of the back builds so far.

Dynamic objectives would also be welcome. I’d like to see missions similar to long war mechanics where you have a ‘soft time limit’, so to speak. More and more enemies turn up more frequently until you are forced to evac or die. Would be fitting considering how the pandora virus has been portrayed to us so far. Not in every mission though, otherwise it just becomes a headache.