Jetpacks still fumble

Jetpacks fumble on non-heavy units, despite no requirements mentioned nor ‘jetpack proficiency’ mentioned in heavy training to indicate this.

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proficiency of some items should be clarified. jetpack being one of them. a banner stating this is a “XXX item” should be enough.

other example the neurazer that is a melee weapon in all but its proficiency, or the viral weapons that state “viral assault rifle” but only gain proficiency if you have proficiency with the viral class weapons.

priority of this would be low though, as gameplay balance is far more important then a few items with a poorly explained proficiency structure.

Not sure what you mean. Heavy training says that he is proficient with Jet Packs. That would imply that no other class is proficient unless specified by those class trainings.

What more, when you select proficient items with item filters, heavy armor shows only with heavy class filter turned on.

So jet packs are unique mechanic for heavy class attached to heavy armors. No other class has anything specific in their armors.

Problem is when you get a trooper that has mounted weapons prof but the rest of the skills suit a different load out. Unless am missing something mounted weapons go on only heavy armour. The jet jump is soo tempting sometimes but I find it does work occasionally for non proficiant soldiers enough times that it’s a calculated gamble.

Normally yes, but with the DLC there is an advanced bionic body that is able to mount weapons or technician arms.

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Really? Will have to have another look. Never spotted that.

This is just a given, but I get your point! However, what I have found is that you can have a non-heavy get training in mounted weapons in the skills and the only way to use these weapons is with a JUMP suit armor… However… here is the catch, it will fumble every time you try to use it! This needs to be fixed if you have the skills training and require the jump suit then you should automatically get that skill as you have just been trained! Seems logical to me, it is a bit stupid to penalize you with a heavy armor to use the mounted weapons and not be able to benefit from the amour, that just makes that skill a penalty not a plus!

There are a number of 3rd row skills that don’t make sense for some classes. They are random and for most part are only suited for a select class if one is not lucky.

This isn’t working like this. You don’t take armor and jump proficiency.

It’s called in German “Neuraler Torso”, so i assume in English “Neural Torso”?
That you can equip mounted weapons is only in the description of this torso on the left side.

I have a picture:


See above, the heavy armor isn’t the only way to use mounted weapons, of course only if you have the DLC.

Yep seen it now. Well learn something new every day.

It doesn’t fumble every time for me. I haven’t quite worked it out yet but for me it seems like they fumble the first time your sqaud member tries it, then it seems to work on a decreasing percentage chance of fumble. Like i said before for me it becomes a calculated gamble. However it does appear to me that if you then exit the game when you come back to it, your chap seems to have forgotten that only the previous mission he was jetting around like a pro.

If they gave me this I would want to know how to use it! Why would you have equipment given you that you can’t use? It is a package deal, you can either wear it and use it ALL or not at all, you don’t use only 50% of anything!

BUT… you may not want to use that? If you have your head and legs done already (which is what I usually do) then you can’t! I like the jump suits So it is either all or nothing, if they give it to you they give it to you, if they don’t then don’t…

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I wonder whether you could open that second line of skills, the ones you start with other than class ones and maybe via time spent in training school and an sp cost ‘train’ in from a database of skills unlocked via research, or via mission reward. You could then train proficiancy in jet pack use, viral weapons, etc.
Just a thought.

But that’s the whole solution with all things in PP, everyone can use anything but they have to deal with the downsides if they are not proficient with it.
Why there should be an exception for the jetpack?
It is clearly out stated as an proficiency for the heavy class only (see description of heavy class).

It’s not clearly stated. Neither on the Heavy (listed as ability as you’d expect) nor on the body armor.

I have the game in German and there it is:



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Because it is part of what you need to use the launcher, if your trained in that your trained in the suit, otherwise you just dragging around heavy semi useless armor… Not logical

I see that something different, the perk to be proficient with the launcher has nothing to do with the suit and also not the jetpack. Your soldier simply can use the launcher without penalties with this perk, that’s all for me. It is maybe somewhat illogical that you only can mount a launcher on a heavy armor that also has the jepack, but for me this is a different story and at least the DLC solves this with a pretty good alternative bionic body augmentation.

A way to go would maybe that a soldier with this perk can use mounted weapons regardless of armor but that could also have some illogical downsides.

But all in all I think this is a matter of personal opinion and if snapshot decides that this perk also gives you the proficiency with jetpacks I would simply accept it.