Weapons no longer proficient after patch

Hi, after updating the game and loading up my save game a lot of weapons became non-proficient. Can you take a look at any of the save games: https://www.dropbox.com/transfer/AAAAAGBpkH8z5QgyT6pKAVe-Q6Png5C4A2pQYiXfhcBrGnmxcZsk5nc?

Thank you.



We’re aware of this issue. It is however, only cosmetic. The proficiencies are working as intended, but are being incorrectly reported in the UI


Mine are gone so I started a new one. The issue I have now is I gave two of my guys self defense specialist perks yet it still registers that they have no progiciency with these firearms.

that is a visual bug only. They are proficient, it just isn’t showing

Yes, works in combat but is shown wrong in equipmentscreen

But could you use mount equipement ? i can’t equip them…
(like rocket launcher)


I have a technician and he cant seem to use a shotgun even though having shotgun proficiency trait and taking the assault class

you can use it, the game currently has a “cosmetic” bug that causes weapons you are proficient with but arn’t from the original class to not show as such. (but any skill that requires you to be proficient with it will still function if you have the required class/perk)

it is slated to be fixed but its annoying everyone for the time being.

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This issue with UI not showing second class proficiencies will be fixed in today’s patch.