Did restrictions come into armour?

Now I haven’t played since just before the first DLC came in so I could easily have missed it but were there restrictions put onto who could wear what armour cause I’ve noticed I can’t use any armour except for the armour tied to the class (so infiltrators could only use infiltrator armour til they cross classed).

Just wanna make sure this isn’t my game being bugged and if it isn’t then the next question would be if you have mounted weapon proficiency but are not a heavy can you wear heavy armour? as the proficiency would be pointless without it

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I’m pretty sure there is no proficiency for armor and I’m also pretty sure that I’m able to wear any armor on any soldier, I only have to switch to all classes for the main inventory to see all other armor (but that doesn’t mean there would be any armor proficiency).

The Neural Torso bionic augmentation is also able to mount mounted weapons (or even technician arms if needed). It is only described in the text box and not in the ability overview of this augmentation, but it worked, I do that many times.


Thanks for the response, I might just have to verify my game and maybe that’ll fix it. Didn’t know about the Neural Torso, makes it alot better if it can use mounted weapons

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Only class armor is shown, but if you SHOW ALL you can put any armor. So for example, my assaults wear sniper helmets from very beginning because I like to trade off some armor thickness for better precision. I put fast assault legs to heavies to increase their speed and sniper helmets to increase precision. Some interesting experiments can be done here :slight_smile:


Er… really?!? I thought that armour was class-related!

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If that’s the case, then it’s a UI issue: armour shouldn’t get filtered by class filters, much like grenades and other items aren’t.

Though, I think it should be the other way around: I can understand there’s some common armour anyone can wear, but I find perfectly reasonable that certain armours require specific training.

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Basically the only piece of armor that is tied to a class is the Heavy Torso. Non-Heavies may not always be successful with Jump-Jet.

you can wear any armor, this does not make you proficient with mounted weapons or jetpacks. you can fumble the jet jump if you don’t have jetpack proficiency, and mounted weapons will be less accurate if used without proficiency (yes rockets can veer out of the displayed bubble if launched by an non-proficient user)


Reported: https://feedback.phoenixpoint.info/feedback/p/do-not-class-filter-armour-that-can-be-worn-by-any-class

Then an alert should be placed on those items (didn’t check if it’s already there) like it already exists for weapons for which the soldier has no proficiency.

Voted! I would prefer not to have to click on show all filter everytime I need to combine armors of my likings!

Armour is like everything else in this game. Anybody can use it, but in the Squad Screen it is filtered by the class is was originally designed for.

That’s true of every piece of kit in the Squad Screen. If you start excluding armour from class filters, you have to exclude everything from class filters, as classes don’t stop you from using anything in this game - it’s one of the game’s big strengths imho.

Now, there is an argument for having a Tooltip in the tutorial that tells new players that their character is not limited by class, but I certainly don’t think there’s an argument for removing only armour from the class filters.

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Is it worth advertising the function of changing part of an armor set if it looks ugly / incompatible for most combinations, as well as for aug / mute parts (not to mention the penalty for the loss of Humanity or the Bonus for a full set of armor).


Armors are obviously not like weapons in that regard. Weapons have proficiency, inflicting large penalties for trying to use non-proficient weapons. Armors do not.

So that’s why it obviously makes sense for class filters to easily access all armors, but not to access all weapons.

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