Jet Jump without missile launcher

I just have noticed something while checking my screenshots. My heavy had ability to jet jump even without rocket launcher attached to his armor. From what I remember she had that launcher attached for a moment in base but I have decided I don’t want to increase her encumbrance. Didn’t check that again.

I think it’s a property of the heavy torso armor plus the class. The phoenix heavy doesn’t have the rocket launcher by default, but the “jump without fumble” is a class skill.

I wouldn’t want a heavy without rockets, though. Crucial for crowd control.

Yea, I’ve noticed that as well! I remember in BB3 a few times some gun crabbies shot at my heavy enough times to destroy their rocket launcher pack and I lost the ability to Jet jump when that was destroyed! I wonder if they did change it to the new jericho armor by default in this build intentionally or not, I haven’t actually tested the Golem (phoenix heavy) armor yet without the rocket pack… well, as Steelviper has already nailed it on the head, I’ll just let him do the talking as to why (below)

The Jump Jet ability was changed in BB4 so that it wasn’t tied to the rocket launcher. As there are now more weapon options, we wanted players to be able to have access to it without the restriction of needing the rocket launcher. This will most likely change in the finished game.

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Allright, just make sure you will add proper animation or something, because right now soldier levitates in air while using Jet Jump without rocket launcher. :wink: