Missile Launcher and Jetpack linked?

In my last game I sent off a bug report because after a crabman pincered my heavy’s missle launcher to pieces he suddenly lost the ability to use the jetpack? I thought it was a bug at first but thought I should double check whether it was or not?

As far as I am aware, the Jetpack is part of the armour and isn’t currently susceptible to damage. Either way, QA will look into it if it turns out to be a bug.

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If you put he missile launcher on another character they can use the jetpack. At least in the first build. It’s funny because the other characters don’t have the proper animations for it.

Yep, can confirm that, intended behavior or not, the Jump Jet is tied to the Rocket Launcher and not the Heavy.

The moment the Heavy drops it or stows it he loses the ability and the moment someone else equips it they gain it.

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Ya. They actually run in the air. It’s super silly. But whatever, this pre-alpha. I know the final release will be over 9000.

I’ve used the jet pack multiple times in a single game gathering crates…

I thought it was a mechanic, not a bug: I tried dropping the rocket launcher (no more rockets in the inventory, but plenty of granades) in the first build, and the Jatpack ability disappeared.

It’s still the same, a crabmen disabled my missile launcher and i didnt have jet pack anymore

I’m pretty sure you also can’t jet anymore if you’re out of ammo on the missile launcher…

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This is false statement. :wink:

I can confirm that this is no longer the case indeed.

When I wrote that I had just finished a game where I jetpacked onto a building, shot my last missile in the next turn and was unable to jetpack after that turn for the remainder of the game. It could have just been a coincidence, but it seemed related, especially when I saw this topic here.