Heavy vs Ladders

Wondering what other people think, but I personally don’t like the heavy not knowing how ladders work. If they need some kind of drawback for their mobility, maybe ladders could cost extra TUs to use? Or just lower movement overall? But not being to climb a ladder, even with the gear they wear, doesn’t really seem believable, and is just irritating gameplay wise.

What are other people’s thoughts? Or dev comments on the matter?

Actually depending on the armor and the equipment I expect them to be either too heavy to climb ladders (which would make a nice game mechanic if they try and break it) or that their hands, feet and rest of the body are so bulky they can’t hold on to ladders.

Since they come with a jet pack it’s not really a problem for me. On my first play through I was trying to climb ladders and was wondering why this stubborn bastardized refused to climb them. After RTFM I knew :wink:

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I had a game where the jetpack got destroyed, and he got stuck down a hole lol. I wonder if it’s too niche a case to code for, but maybe they can slowly climb if the jetpack gets broken?

Also, engineers can climb no problem, and they have a fair amount of gear on their backs. And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a heavy vault over some cover during a move, not to mention they can run for movement too. I just can’t quite believe their gear is that restricting, especially with their gun still being hand held. Maybe if they were in a heavy and slow exo-suit or something, but even then, if they have finger articulation and can bend their knees, they’d climb a ladder if their life depended on it…

These climbing restrictions makes me also wonder how multi-layered levels will be handled? There could be stairs or elevators in many places but they also could be destroyed…

Maybe better armours for heavies let them climb the ladders? Or some unique equipment like short-range teleporters (or multi-use jetpack) coul help with restriction such as that?

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I wonder what kind of restriction will it be? Class, armour or weight. Because weight restriction would be the best solution IMHO.

I must admit it tilt me somehow too. Yes it’s possible to use jet pack but when / if it’s destroyed, it’s basicaly over. For an early acces with only a single mission to play with a soldier, i don’t really mind as regardless if he live, die, or became stuck by a ladder he can’t grab, the soldier will magicaly respawn on my next run.

But i already can think about this thing that WILL happen on normal game if it stay as it is. A cool mission, some things that got destroyed as they used to, including the pack. Then mission succes and time to extract… Then nope, cause a guy is stuck in a little hole. Have to abandon a healty soldier? Maybe it’s time for some strip tease and go on undies to extractions? I happily strip myself from a power armor if that can make me run away of a queen but, somehow, that seem unrealistic on a relatively dark and serious universe like the one that seem to be for Phoenix Point.

More seriously, a way to either remove the armor (or whatever cause the impossibility to go up a ladder) OR, use some sort of rope, grapling etc, as a backup moving ability seem important to me. Another extremly “cool” feature (while hard to impelment, i guess) will be some sort of teamwork, like using a 2nd soldier for helping the injured (or to heavy) units to perform a task. We don’t know (as far as i can stalk the lives :o i don’t anyway) how the missionn extractions will work, but i’ll be extremly sad to abandon a dude behind cause his armor is fixed to his bones x)


One solution for you - don’t go down with your heavy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be cool to have some cooperation moves like giving a hand with a soldier who is upstairs to pull up the Heavy.

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Oh well i agree, but happened to me that an ennemy destroy the floor below me and stuck me in some sticky situation haha