Issue with firing from behind cover

I’m not sure if this could be called a “bug” per se, or if it’s simply intended to work this way.

I was using my heavy to fire his Hel Cannon from behind cover at an enemy. My soldier got up, fired his weapon, hit the “half-cover” he was sitting behind and destroyed it.

While I LOVE the “true-sight” LOS system, I’m guessing my soldier should at least have been able to place the gun above the small crate that was granting him half-cover and shooting without blowing his own cover to smithereens

This has happened to me, as well. Half cover in general can be a problem, especially when elevation gets involved. It gets worse with cannons and other “chainsaw-grip” weapons that fire from the hip position, and thus aren’t guaranteed to clear the cover. For now, this requires you to eyeball it, and try to figure out if the path the projectile would take would clip into the cover.

Still, this hasn’t happened for me very often, and in fact, full cover can be even worse due to the differing sight lanes it enforces, and how sometimes firing lines just aren’t drawn as though the soldier is stepping out from behind that cover to shoot. I typically have to take 1 step out, shoot, and then step back into cover.

Hi there,

I am actually seeing this a lot with the shotgun also, if the weapon doesn’t plane through/over the cover object, the object eats the shot completely. Since the player cannot control the posture of the character shooting the cover objects eat a lot of shots that you would think normally you would shoot over.

The Hell Cannon is bad imo when your in cover, not to mention its acc is trash at any distance except up close. Just what I have experienced. It almost needs a brace functionality when shooting from cover or a bi-pod function to mount it on a cover node. That might work too.

Also in terms of line of sight, i often have to move my sniper to a square that doesn’t have half cover (railing for example), even though he is 3 levels up shooting down at a distant target. That doesn’t make sense at all. Shouldn’t he/she be shooting over the railing as its only half cover? The Hell Cannon really suffers here with half cover shooting down.

I think a solution would be to allow the soldiers to squat or stand manually. Make it .5 AP if you want. It would solve a lot of these types of problems.

The AI doesn’t seem to have these limitations at all from what I can see.

Otherwise very fun, I am enjoying it.


I’ve noticed it when the angle is fairly high in cover. I think the aimed mode isn’t taking into account the side step out of cover or something.

I can fire normally and hit the target, but manually aiming the same target will hit the cover.

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