Full cover blocks camera zoom

I love the physics based aspects of this game, but sometimes it misfires. When my soldiers take a shot from full cover they step into the open and are vulnerable to return fire. So why is it that when I try to zoom from full cover, sometimes my view is completely blocked? This just seems unfair to the extreme. I am pretty sure there have even been cases where the UI indicates I have line of sight, but when I get there the enemy is no longer targetable even without zoom. Suggest masking the cover from the targeting code altogether, or implement the targeting from the position the soldier will take when they make the shot, i.e. completely in the open (hmmm…is it possible that some missed shots have to do with the change from cover to the open and where the reticle ends up?)

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Use in game bug report when you have the case.

There’s two aspect, the game spirit is that you have knowledge of weapons and covers.

There isn’t such a thing than full cover and half cover, only covers where soldier will stand up and covers where soldier will crouch:

  • High cover there’s many different heights including some that allow a shoot without any side step with some weapons. I suspect those case tend trigger more the case you quote.
  • Low cover, there’s also different height and some can be a problem with some weapons as heavy weapons.

And then there’s aimed shot and not aimed shot, aimed shot + high cover are supposed to trigger a side step when necessary, and I think in some case it won’t. At first it’s an upgrade as it avoids a side step and can be great against RF. But then it bugs with some weapons if not sometimes.

I’ll consider check with more care next cases I see and consider report this bug if I don’t see any explanation.