Lean out mechanic feels very unpolished!

I am already getting a little tired of the “lean out” mechanic, or lack therof!

It is all to common that your soldier will not allow you to lean out to get a shot at an enemy out in the open from your cover.
All to often, I find myself not being able to shot enemies around my very own cover.
All to often, it’s like the automatic “lean out” mechanic doesn’t work as intended.
Maybe this should instead have been considered a manual thing you could do when aiming to alleviate this issue?

High ground half cover needs fixing!
How did you F up the high ground advantage like this?
Blody half covers are so broken that you can not aim over them!
There is no system in place to make your soldier shot over these covers - so you are blocknig yourself from raining down fire at enemies because the soldiers are to retarded to lif their gun over the halfcover to shot down…

Here is an example of an angle of attack that failed, due to the broken nature of being unable to aim over half covers.

Anyway, this really needs some touching up, it is rather infuriating the amount of times this gets in the way of being able to take a shot.

Return Fire… REALLY?!
Needs a rework! -.-


Really really.

If you try to use Heavy weapon on the roof then don’t be surprised that it fails. Use something more light. :wink:

I WILL be supprised if it fails…
If I had a Machine Gun, or any form of heavy armaments, I would simply rest it ontop of any “half cover” I would be behind.

Or, just the fact that it’s a simple railing and can’t even shoot through it…

There is no rhyme or reason as to why you shouldn’t be able to take a shot at this angle - except if your gun was SURGICALY attached at your waistline so you can’t lift it up over an edge - or aim it between a guard rail! XD

Since you mentioned return fire and lean out I really have to say, as I mentioned elsewhere, return fire should trigger AFTER the character has returned from lean out and not before, whilst the attacker is still wide in the open XD. If lean out worked properly all the time it would fix return fire for me.

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It is what it is right now. Even tips when loading mission say about it. Your option requires additional work in animations and setting new point for camera and bullets starting point. Nothing impossible but require time to program and animate. Keep in mind this is still kind of indie studio.

I’m sorry, unpolished? you’re dreaming mate! non-EXISTANT!
I reported this in the first Backer-Build… I am shooting my own cover! hellooooo!

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