Line of Sight/Fire

It happened to me more than once, that my soldier could not see the alien enemy because of his own cover. So I am a sniper standing in a tower behind cover and I can’t shoot anything?
I think this should be improved, a soldier can look around.

The second thing is, my soldier destroyed his own cover while missing the shot. Ok, I understand you can miss, but so bad that you destroy your own cover?
I would consider my cover “friendly”, and even if there’s friendly fire, you cannot have friendly fire 30cm in front of you :slight_smile:


There seems to be (at this stage) quiet a lot strangeness in shooting angles. So people had difficulties in e.g. taking cover beyond hall enterance corner or door (as standard in past Xcom games) and then not having an angle sight to shoot at all, or being unable to throw granade (game usually drops some message like “not enogh space to …”). This is a major thing that I do hope will be reworked.

Covers. Everything seems to be destructible envirovment here, so dont count on covers too long … So, yes, one hit you miss can destroy your own cover. That is a bit realistic.

What I find less balanced is that (beside expected mini gun and multiply shoot weapons) sometimes bullet seem not only to destroy a cover and end there but continue travelling destroying covers. Like they are depleted uranium / titanium.

I would want to have an option, when my soldier is preparing to shot, so that he can be ordered to lean/step one tile to side to be able to shoot, just like it works in FiraXCOM. Of course if we don’t order him to do so, then targering takes place from his actual tile.

From what they said NJ in Backers Bulld is using Gauss weapons. I would love to know how much damage every element of environment can stop (how much armour it has). I had often situation when my sniper did damage to an enemy, while destroying his cover, but damage was quite low.