Is there any way to cheat? I just want to enjoy the story

Although I’ve enjoyed multiple XCom games, I’ve just quit my fourth rookie campaign on the year one edition (and last year I had a similar struggle with the original version)
I’ve never have enough resources, the Pandorans evolve too fast to keep level with them, the few resources I get (when not ambushed trying the explore the dots in the map) I expend them replenishing grenades and ammo, so I’ve never been able to properly “grow” my base(s) while the mist is ever expanding.
And I’m tired, I just want to watch the story, that was made me interested in the game, not micromanaging plenty of items.
Is there anyway to increase the resources, edit the cost or anything? In the beta there was a handy console available, but I don’t know why they removed it when it could be really handy for this.

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it can be considered cheat but i hate the restriction to field max “X” soldier so i get the mod unlimited deployment, just zerg the last mission and i mean 4 frigging aircraft full of soldiers, vehicles monsters and mutations. Just learn what the final boss does and you should be ffine.

Thanks, but that only works on PC, we Mac players cannot use mods until Steam workshop is released, if ever.

You can “cheat” by abusing the game’s systems. Start by stealing a few aircraft in the beginning so that you can explore with 2 teams (maybe use soldiers + vehicle). Then start making sabotage missions for the faction you have the least rep, then go for the other faction that you have least rep. This way you’ll gain resources and rep nonstop. You can also raid the ones you have more rep (do this after you get +25 rep with them so that you facilitate exploration) for more resources. Now try to build 2 or 3 teams in january game-time. Explore as much as you can to get more resources, try to use few explosives because they’re expensive, and enable bases that are in other continents so that you can build new teams there and explore far away. You can also trade resources to get a profit, just trade materials with NJ, food with Anu and tech with SYN.

That should help make the game easier.

edit: you can also do sabotage first to get more rep until you can buy 2 teams, then you steal the aircrafts.

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Not sure if it works for MAC but there is another way how to enable the console.

I am sharing autoexec.cfg file with you via PM as I cannot upload it here. But you can also create the file yourself it has only this line:

disable_console_access = false

You need to put this file into your root directory of Phoenix Point ( D: Program Files\Epic Games\Phoenix Point\ for Epic in my case and d:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Phoenix Point\ on Steam.

Then in-game if you press ; you will activate console. (Same as Counter Strike).


What are console commands :slight_smile:

I’ve tried it in Mac but it doesn’t work, but since cross-save works thanks to Steam cloud, I can enable the console in a Virtual PC machine, add some resources and go back to play it in Mac

I’ve used mostly Show_me_the_money to give additional resources and give_xp 2000 to enhance the soldiers
You can find all the console commands here: