Please enable cheat support

I just finished playing the game through for second time. On my second play I decided to cheat. I gave myself infinite resources.
This turned out to be loads of fun as I could buy all the ammo I wanted and equip troops in the best kit… Yep, cheating.
That did remove some of the fun choices of balancing limited resources, but I’d already done that in my first play through.

My point is, cheating can be loads of fun. Rather than using manual hacks or downloading 3rd party tools of dubious origin, it would be great if the devs enabled cheats in the game or enabled the debug console or whatever.

Naturally people who don’t want to cheat can simply choose not to activate the feature. Perhaps enable via a command line parameter or something for those who don’t want to cheat but lack self control when there’s a big shiny cheat button on screen tempting them.

Look here, there is a description to enable the console:

A document that describes many commands (possibly not up to date and also not complete):

Have fun :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that. I thought 3rd party mods were required but adding that config file did unlock the debug / dev console and it appears to work.

I didn’t use the mod for the console, I believe it adds some more features to the console for modding, but not sure.
The “normal” activated console should give you all what you want, I guess.

It’s a dubious pleasure to use cheats. I have never used it and there is no desire.
But I really want to support mods for the game!!!

BIG THANK YOU! Even though I purchased the game on day one and play regularly on Rookie difficulty, I have yet to win the game once. Enabling the console will greatly improve my enjoyment of the game

you can not pass the game because you have not yet understood and discovered a lot of different mechanics and techniques of fighting with the enemy. It is ok.
I, replaying several times, just began to understand what for what.
Here, on the forum, they write about problems with some opponents and complain that they are too strong. When you first encounter them, it is so. Over time, you will learn to defeat them with ease.
Describe what you found difficult, maybe I can help with advice.