Re-Activate Console .. directly

Having been stuck in a silly loop of Base-Defenses… i wish the official/valid Console would be available to us. In the current “buggy” state of some gameplay conditions… the only rational solution is to have such trick up our sleeve.

Some could say i should just use the modded hack that allows it – but that seems to brake the support flow from Snapshot. Thus why i ask the right tool be given to us with formal instructions and reliable string calls to “cheat” our ways when need be.

Please… try activating it within the upcoming “Big-Patch” at a minimum. :sunglasses:

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Also, Microsoft Store customers can’t hack in mods at all, so no console for them whatsoever. :frowning:

I agree, if the console can be used to circumvent some bugs, it should be possible to activate it. This is a single player game, so cheating is not an issue.

Most definitely the re-activation of the console should be put back, I run this on MAC and while there are things the PC group can do to get it back I can not find ONE thing on the MAC…? So unless I buy myself a new PC computer (just might do that soon) then I am unable to use the console now. However, the console worked quite fine on the MAC when it was activated so they need to just put it back… WITH the added command to turn that dam Doomsday clock off! The game would be so much more fun and you could really get into all the missions and DLC if you could just stop that dam clock!

Have you tried enabling it via the autoexec.cfg? I just send it to you via PM. You need to place it where your PP is installed.

EDIT: Detailed info here:

Thanks for the offer… But my system does not recognize any kind of “autoexec.cfg” files…:frowning: Unfortunately there does not seem to be anyway to access this? here is what I can access, as you will see it is very well locked up!.. See the image!