Is there a way to disband a soldier?

As the title says, I recruited 2 of each class just so I can strip them of their gear and reverse engineer them. I now want to disband those I don’t want, anyone know how I can do that without letting them die in combat on purpose?

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Why you don’t want them?

thats not really the point, id imagine hes only got space for so many soldiers, and he wants different classes. I dont mind sending a suicide squad out if thats what i have to do, but seems silly if you cant do it another way, pretty much all games of this genre allow you to disband soldiers.

only the way you already suggested: the russian style at stalingrad, push them in front of the enemy without a rifle… that does the trick :slight_smile: … no snapshot didn’t think you don’t want soldiers? why would you? recruiting is anyway so scarce that you should stick to everyone you get, they will come in handy later.

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You know what to do

They come with equipment? Mine are all vanilla naked.

im ocd about the order, i need all teh snipers together, heavies etc so will disband/kill off to make them all nice and neat

Okay then maybe what you need is a “reorder” function… no need to kill thousands to get your order… wait, somebody did that already ! :slight_smile:
well kidding, I can understand the frustration, did you try to edit the savegame?

i really need to disband my aircraft, i wanna swap em out for the 8 slot ones, but im out of space for them, they never take any dmg, so not sure why they even have durability stat.

a hangar is 2 plane slots so if you have 2 bases, you have room for 4 planes. Just make sure it is powered on

Go to mission then escape - then dropship takes damage. Repeat that few times and maybe you will lose it. Just use some expendable soldier then. This is only way currently to disband. (I hope so)

by escape, you mean move soldiers to evac site, and evac from mission? not done that before. Does it show the durability of the aircraft anywhere, i cant see it to even know if this is working.

I tried doing this but after repetably evacuating the mission again and again, i didnt notice any change(not that i know what to look for) and also after doing this a number of times the game eventually freezes up, with the ui gone, and just a black world view, had to exit it from taskmanager.

The annoying thing, is the manticore transports are always on top, so i have to tab through several empty ones to get to the transports i want to use.