How do i heal injured troops

??? i have no clue

They heal automatically when back at the base. Just fly back. When time is unpaused, you can see the grey and blue bars move up.

ok got it, ty

how do i find more scavenge points i only had 2

I’m not at my computer but on the Geo screen there is a button that says something like Deploy scanner. It creates a slowly expanding circle at the ship’s location that reveals more locations.

got it. thanks again

how do you recruit new soldiers?

Here it is:

??? i just get alot of threaads

How is it possible?

??? cmon yokes give me some help

Feeling dumb, but found a haven with a recruit. I clicked base info, I can see the soldier, but when I click on it nothing happens. How do you actually recruit the soldier?

you need the recruitment protocols tech, an open slot in your aircraft, and the aircraft at the haven

how do i get recruitment protocals tech

visit at least one haven

cant find haven for the life of me!

i found a haven how do i recruit?

If I do remember well, just playing with the tutorial enabled will give you all those necessary steps and more

dont think i got a tutorial for that

can you just tell me

Click research button and do what I have written earlier.