8 man squad but 6 man Airlift

So I can have a squad of 8 men, but can only fit in 6 men in my Dropship. Is it away to get a bigger one?

Think Anu’s ship was hugger.
You can also send multiple manticores. 2 vehicles i one and 6 soldiers in the other should make 8?

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I wondered about this also and figured there would be a vehicle upgrade at some point.

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Thx for the reply.

Is 8 the maximum now? I thought we were going to be able to take more.

Most missions can handle 8 soldiers. Some other missions can handle 16.

2 vehicles and 6 soldiers is 12 soldier slots. You’d need to leave 4 soldier slots of troops behind

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Ive not checked but I thought it counted transport slots and unit numbers as seperate values?

As far as I know it does not. I could be wrong though. Haven’t had a chance to play the final game yet

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