Base and soldiers management

Am i missing something or you really cant sort units by “Soldier lvl”, “CLASS”, “Condition” or “Status”? They only do it by location?

Change the name of bases or aircrafts isnt available either right? I need to click on every base and aircraft or casually remember that the one im looking for is “Helios 4” because i cant change it to a usefull name.

Wont even ask about more complicated stuff like a button to remove all gear from a soldier, or grouping people into a platoon.


You are right.

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I also want that feature, it’s a pain to sort your troops and make sure they are on the right plane or the right base. This get worst as you get more soldiers and planes.

Yep. I also hardly need these features. When game is going to end I have about 8 planes and about 25 soldiers. So renaming planes and changing their order will help match. Also remove plane will be a good option as well. And sorting soldiers by level, class, plane. Also need firing soldier.

I posted 2 requests in the feedback tool. hopefully they will see and add these simple and usefull features soon. Links: