Is there a debug console available in the game? Or a loadout Mod?

I’ve been hit by the dreaded bug that changes a soldier’s class armor and loadout and deletes their previous equipment. Is there an in-game debug console that would allow me to fix this?

Or perhaps someone has created a loadout mod?

By the way, the below is the bug I reported…

“This trooper was equipped as a heavy. During my campaign, after I got my first priest (not this soldier!) I was going through my personnel list and saw this. My former heavy now has priest armor and equipment, but his class is still heavy and his training is still was it previously was. But the cannon he was carrying is gone, as is the heavy class armor as well. And those items are no longer in stores either. The image shown is a bit of a reconstruction since I moved a few things around, thinking that perhaps this was a bug I could work around, but with the heavy equipment lost I would now have to manufacture new items which will significantly affect my campaign. Please fix!”

while there is a way to enable the console, I don’t see a way of it fixing your issue. It is a known bug though

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Yea but with the console enabled you can work around it by adding necessary armor. Problem is that those who have it through Microsoft store is just out of luck as the console command hack seems to not function.