Soldier loses equipment and changes class

it happened to me twice already with two different soldier. When I give them a new ability and then move on to another soldier and then come back to the personal view I see a triangle next to the hero I just leveled. I go check and see that he has completely different weapon and armor. The old equipment is lost, not even in my storage.

1st it happened with my Priest, it was on level 2 I think
2nd it happened just now with my Sniper after I level him with Mark of death on level 7

I always loaded the last save and retried the level up and it did not happened.

I had this happen (or something similar) - after leveling up my Sniper from Level 1 to 2 his entire loadout was replaced with the Assault class. And then it happened again with my Heavy - again the assault class loadout replaced his.

Hopefully it’s a known bug?

it is a known bug, one I believe that was fixed but somehow ended up back in

I went through the patch notes, but didn’t see anything relevant to this issue. Was it fixed? Did they call it something else?

This bug has finally turned into a game-breaker for me. It is happening regularly and I have to fall back to a save hours before the bug hit in order to prevent it from recurring. It almost always happens when I am resupplying my soldiers (as well as manufacturing items). It’s becoming so frustrating that I am ready to shelve the game until it’s fixed :frowning:

It happened to me as well after the latest patch. It seems they triggered once we have a diplomacy with other faction.

Yea, I just went to fire up the game today and hit that bug… For a team that did the original X-com I expected better. I have removed games from my play list for less offensive things. Had two teams ready and now have to manufacture armor AGAIN!!

This bug appears to get triggered when one recruits an Elite Trained unit. These are generally the one hit by the bug. They inherit the weapons and armor of one of the adjacent units. Which can be a major blow if one hasn’t the tech to manufacture/mutate the weapons and armor.

Have you reported it via f12?

This bug appears again on latest patch (Leviathan build), I already reported thru F12. Anyways, if you got the same issue I have a small cure which is works fine from my side. What you need is previous saves of the same game while you’re in battle screen. What you need to do just reload that save game (battle screen) and then reload back your latest save. Hope it helps.