Soldiers equipment gone

Had this happened twice. First, my heavy lost all heavy stuff and got assault equipment instead (copied loadout of one of my assaults), then few hours later, my sniper got his stuff replaced with another assault…

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Same here, happened twice. My best guess is that after a re-load the equipment is changed. Yesterday I equipped/trained my whole suqad for the next big mission, so I knew exactly how everyone was equipped, and then saved. Today, as I reload the game, one of the soldiers has completely changed his equipment (to an assault basic-equipment)

I have had a similar issue twice now. a technician class, that was just in base training since I recruited him all of a sudden was equipped with priest armor and weapons (that he cant use)

A berserker, all his armor was replaced with synedrian assault armor.


I had this happen several times. at first I thought I might have just made a mistake with equipment, or the game just unequipped everything. Not too bad when I have spare equipment, but it drains my resources to have to craft spare equipment for a bug. I’ve been enjoying it so far, but having this happen randomly just kills part of the game. I might resort to console commands just to replace some of what I lost, especially because it ate all my heavy weapons.

0/10 bug. Kills the game.

This has happened to me three times now. The last time my sniper swapped equipment with a priest, and as the armor is a “MUTATION OF ANU” I can’t even swap it back out for something suitable for his class.
As a former software QA manager, this game just does not feel fully baked. (sigh)

I’m also seeing this problem after today’s patch. Today I recruited a priest and when I went to the personnel screen my Heavy now had priest armor and equipment, just like the priest I recruited. However, he is still trained as a heavy. And to boot my Heavy armor and weapon are also entirely gone. This has pretty much ruined my play though.

did you use the F12 bug reporter to report it?

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No, I forgot. Thanks for reminding me!

Yep, got this too. Incredibly annoying, as I either have to lose a load of progress from an old save file or manufacture new equipment.

I’ve had a sniper replaced all gear with assault, and another time with heavy equipment, and once a heavy with assault gear. Without precisely checking it out, I think what it’s doing is copying across another of my agents’ equipment.

Already reported thru F12, I did start a new game at vet difficulty level. In my case not only equipment gone, but soldier class as well :scream:. Somehow my heavy turn into Synedrion sniper class, not sure which event would trigger that one.

I remember there’s some story of Synedrion high officer daughter that convert to follow Anu something like that and I decide to recruit her. Then I research of her equipment (I think it was pyhtagoras sniper rifle) since I’m at early stage of the game…so long story short suddenly my heavy turd into Synedrion sniper class complete with the equipment. All of my heavy equipment and class are gone :scream:!
*Additional info I’m using latest patch.