Savegame changed!

played for several hours & saved the game after some time i loaded it & one soldier was wearing other armor, other weapon (sniper armor & assault rifle) & is a heavy trooper i did not made this changes to the soldier & the heavy armor set + the hellgun completely dissappeared.

so probably gonna wait until such bugs (actually for such types of games a complete dissaster not just a bug) are really got fixed im not playing trough the game without a save savegame!

Just had the same issue, went into a mission and my sniper was wearing assault armor and had an assault rifle. Sniper equipment completely gone.

Hey, we are currently working on a fix for this issue and getting it into a patch. It used to happen a few months ago and it was fixed but the bug regressed and got into the release.


thats very nice im got patience and im not someone of these streaming guys that profiling on the work of others.

the game is very good elsewise.

Seems this bug has never been successfully fixed or is back.

Is this on the radar to fix anytime soon?