Quickie Manual?

There was one for BB4 - will there be a supplement for 5?

Specifically, I’m trying to figure out the color coding for weapons/armor status when looking at them in the personnel equipment screen. Haven’t been able to find a reference sheet here or on reddit…thanks!

The equipment tinge depends on the faction, so Orange is PP (us), Green is Synedrion, Purple is Disciples of Anu and Blue is New Jericho.

the only reference manual is the one for BB4. Not sure if it will be updated or not


Are there indicators if the weapon is damaged or not? I have a hell cannon that says it needs loading. I load it, a mag disappears, and the soldier (Heavy) uses an action point. But there’s no change in being able to use the weapon. I made a bug report, but then got to wondering if I was missing a weapon status indicator.

For clarity, this was at the beginning of the mission, before any engagement.

This led to my Q about the manual.