Heavy speed on battlefield

So I have some 14 hours in the game, when I noticed some issues with my heavy soldiers. Now I have multiple so I can compare.
One of my heavy has 20 speed but on battlefield he has 11. Compared to all my other soldiers classes they have the exact speed on battlefield as they have in training tab. From what I can read on UI stats boxes heavy should have only -3 speed for PP Golem armor. At first I suspected Strongman perk that it deducts not just perception but also speed, but my other heavy from NJ with Anvil armor suffers the same fate. Aditionaly I have noticed that having two heavy wepons deduct speed aswell, compared to other clases.
Is this a bug or just incorrect statistict with items?

Anybody else having the same issues?

@Yokes can probably give you the specifics, as he sits down and calculates this sort of thing, but Heavies are usually much slower than anyone else because of the weight of their weapons and armour.

I usually counter this by jacking up their Speed Stat - and don’t forget Jet Jump: that exists to get your Heavy where you need them to be - just make sure you land where you can get out of LoS of the enemy.

Yes thats why I jacked the speed up to 20 so he would have 17, if the game would deduct only the heavy armor. The point is that it seems that from certain point in campaign the heavy armor deducts not -3 but -6 speed. Further more the second heavy weapon seems to decuct aditional -3 speed thus instead of 20 he has 11. What bothers me is that in the begining it was not so. I distingly remember my original Heavy to be able to move more than two tiles and shoot.

If you don’t have any perk which has “-# speed” then only thing I can think of is that your soldiers may have too high encumbrance and it reduces his speed.

After yesterday’s play session I can definitely say, it is a bug. I managed to reverse engineer Fury launcher and gave it to my heavy, suddenly I have speed 17 (from basic 20) just -3 for the Golem armor.

@Yokes Thanks, encumbrance was the first think I checked. Then I taught that they might have revamped the system if you have 80% you get some negative speed etc., but it didn’t add up since none of my other soldiers’ classes were affected.

Now I am thinking how to report this bug, I will try to replicate the condition by removing the Fury launcher and send F12 to SnapShot.