Is the Pheonix Point DLC Windows only?

As title, I have the game on Epic Store, and it works fine on windows, but when I try and load it on my Mac for when im out the house, it will only load the base game and not the DLC add ons - Thus I cannot load my cloud save games as I’m missing the DLC - the buttons are there in the ‘manage add ons’ area of the epic game store, but when I turn them on, leave that window, and go back again, its switched off, sometimes it randomly says ‘not available’ - sometimes the buttons are there again to turn on (yet never work),

Whats going on? Any pointers great - I just want to be able to play the game at home on windows or on the Mac on the road !

It sounds like an issue with Epic Store (or the build Snapshot gave them). I’ve seen this happen with other games on Epic. I would suggest sending e-mail to Snapshot support and use the Help Page at Epic to submit a request for assistance.