Can Phoenix Point be made available offline

I’m only couple of hours in, but great game. I wasn’t a backer so have been waiting for release and enjoying what I have seen so far. Although I am still learning a lot - like remembering heavies have jetpacks :smiley:
My big question atm is; How do I make this game available offline through the epic store?
When I have clicked the skip logon button it tells me it’s not available.

I (as many probably experience) don’t always have internet connectivity and it is a ballache buying a game that can’t be played offline.

Please help.

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go to
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\PhoenixPoint
doubeclick on PhoenixPointWin64


Thank you!
Think I should leave this post for the next idiot who couldn’t work that out?

And is there anyway to retrieve my online save please? - Or do I just need to write that off for the offline play?

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I have no idea. I also noticed that the DLC is missing when launching it directly. At least it’s not shown in the DLC list in-game.

The DLC has not been released yet :slight_smile:



There is a living weapons DLC that you can enable/disable in-game when launching the game via Epic store.

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Apologies I misunderstood the question - I thought you meant the announced ones like Blood and Titanium :slight_smile:



Thank you!

If anyone has the game save fix, please let me know.
I don’t fancy running two games, or losing any progress when the DLCs are released.

Take a look here… there are different save folders :crazy_face:

And here for the Armor DLC:


Do you know how I can load A save if I started it online?
I only had option of starting a new game.

Game is playable offline. I would just copy saves between folders to be sure everything is there. But haven’t tried that… Lol when I think about that I’m sitting more on this forum than in the game itself.

At least you’ve had a chance to play

And you haven’t?

too busy doing my moderating duties

Do you know where the online save file is stored please?

That just for the Phoenix Point forum or all of them?
Bet has been a lot to check up on!

online is the first one use with Epic

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mostly the discord server with a bit of the forum and reddit when I have a chance

Fair enough.
Sounds like a break is due to get out on Phoenix Point then. :smiley:

Thank you!
I shall try to copy them over.