Mac version buggy

The Mac version for Phoenix Point still feels a bit buggy. Every time I quit the game I get the ‘Phoenix Point quit unexpectedly’ error message.

There also seem to be issues with DLC. All DLCs are listed as ‘Unavailable’ on the Mac version of the Epic Games Store, even if they’re bought and released.

I am on Mac as well but I don’t see the same quit game bug you are referring to. I am on still using macOS Mojave 10.14.6.

However I do see the same thing with DLCs on the Epic Games Store.

I’m having the same issues as OP on MacOS (exiting game results in quit unexpectedly message, DLCs listed as Unavailable).

Suggested fixes via Snapshot support:
Once signed in, click on your username in the bottom left of the launcher and select “Redeem Code”.

Once redeemed, you may need to restart the launcher for the game to appear in your library.
If it says that the code was already redeemed then you already redeemed it.
In that case try the following steps (if 1 does not help try 2, if 2 does not help try 3):

  1. Verify Phoenix Point in your Epic Games Launcher. You do it from Library. (see screenshot).
  2. Try to run the game from the .exe file on your PC (without using Epic Games Launcher). Go to where your game is installed and run PhoenixPointwin64.exe. In my case it is D: Program Files\Epic Games\Phoenix Point\ PhoenixPointwin64.exe
  3. Reinstall Phoenix Point
  4. Reinstall Epic Games Launcher

Yet to do this as I’m in the middle of a playthrough. Epic support just pointed me back to Snapshot after they confirmed I had the Nov 2019 code.