So poison is the new acid?

Just got “one shotted” by a spitter head (90 damaged on hit and another 80 damage before start of player turn). Level 4 assault insta-killed.

New patch seemed to be going so well before this.

That sounds like… Poison doing exactly what it always did? I’m very certain those are pretty much the values it always had.

How possible? Poison and spitter heads haven’t changed in this update.

I’ve never been insta-killed by poison before (or killed at all by it I think). I haven’t played for a few months but I always remember poison being pretty weak.

At any rate, I thought the lesson had been learnt from acid that having mid-to-high level guys one-shotted doesn’t make for a very fair feeling game.

But it had to be something else + that poison. Normal attack don’t do so much damage, and poison isn’t doing damage on hit, only on the start of the turn.

Spit damage was 60. 90 is a bit overtuned.

Then it’s a bug. The guy took damage on being hit by the Pandoran and then again before my turn started.

Yes, I checked and there is a spitter head like that. It’s a top-tier mutation for Arthrons (Champions and Prime). It does 15 damage, with 30 armor penetration and 80 poison, which means it can pretty much one shot kill any operative with under 175 HPs.

Now, I do think it’s too much and should be reduced, but this is something that only the most advanced Arthrons can have, and it has an effective range of 5.

Well I am got hit by it only around 90 minutes into the campaign, so it cannot be that advanced.

Edit: it wasn’t a champion or prime. I haven’t seen those yet. I’ve lost the save now but I think the soldier had 160 HP.

It’s also dumb that you can take two lots of damage before your go. Feels like a definite bug with poison.

But reading @Yokes comment I have to agree, it can’t be that spitter poision attack because poision doesn’t tick until the player’s turn. If it was that it would have done 15 damage on attack and 80 poison on your turn, which is very manageable.

Must have been something different.

EDIT: if you see it again try to F12 it.