Is Phoenix Point never-ending?

I have been playing for weeks and I am at the point of repeating Defend Havens, clear Pandora sites, scavenge sites, etc without end, 120 missions to date.

I still have “Research Siren Vivisection” and “Capture Scylla” missions. Which I have yet to find the locations since there is no pointer. Can anyone give me a hint of where on the world map to look? Is there an indication of locations?

So, does Phoenix Point have a real ending where you 'win?"

There is no specific spot for either. You will need to capture both. Sirens can appear in extreme haven defenses along with the Scylla. If courses for the latter a Citadel is the most obvious. However, not getting either of them is not necessarily a campaign breaker.

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Well you need that Siren Vivisection if you want to have one of the endings of New Jericho, Phoenix Project or Disciples of Anu. And after that vivisection you will have more research to be done. Sirens should be present on most of the missions at some point - you just need to capture one of them.

Scylla capture is quite hard and its vivisection is required only for Phoenix Project ending. So this one can be skipped if you pursue ending with some faction. Scylla is most often found in Citadel class of alien base (if you wipe out all the nests and lairs that spawn you can’t find citadel). She can be sometimes found on haven defence mission, but still you need to have citadel attacking that haven.

Except above research projects it is good to have good standing with at least one or two factions, to be able to research their stuff and be able to access their endings to win the game. At some point you will also need to wait for faction special building to finish construction to trigger that ending.

Overall doing objectives from top left corner and doing all the research brings you closer to the game’s end.

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It has actually 5 endings where you win the game (some of them are pretty pyrrhic victory though).

If you do not mind spoilers there is walkthrough for each ending on the Wiki:

PP victory: PP victory -

Disciples of Anu: Disciples of Anu missions -

New Jericho: New Jericho missions -

Synedrion: Synedrion missions -

So, you are saying there is no on-screen hint for where “Siren Vivisection” is located?

So I have to continue clearing Pandoran Citadels until I can vivisect a Siren?

Sirens will appear in any mission type once lairs exist.

If you ask if there will be huge pointing arrow “THIS IS SIREN - CAPTURE IT” then no. There is nothing like that. But Sirens are quite common enemy. Most missions which you will do should have them present. Just watch what you try to kill, and instead of killing one of them, capture it.

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Thanks to all…

@#$!$$#@@ Still cannot do Siren Vivisection!

Completed several Pandora Lair, Next, Citadel missions and some location have has Sirens in them, but no vivisection.

What is needed to do a vivisection?

Does the Siren have to be a specific type/class?

How do I do vivisections?

You have to capture her, having built a containment facility first. Then the vivisection research project will become available. See here for details: Combat -

Have you captured any alien until now? If not then I understand your question. Just like I said earlier, complete all objectives from upper left corner on the geoscape, they also include most of these:

  • research what you can
  • build Containment Facility in one of your bases
  • have Neurazer, Hera or Athena weapons with you (you should have researched them by now, but you may need to manufacture them first, before going on the mission) - and use it on Siren without killing it
  • perform vivisection after mission (assuming that you did Autopsy first)

btw, few additional questions:

  • did you had tutorial in your playthrough?
  • do you have hints enabled in the options?
  • do you read all informations showing after research and on the hints mentioned above?
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OK, Have Containment Facilities, have Neutralizers, have been to a Pandora Site with a Siren.

Hit the Siren with the Neutralizer and… nothing but a dead Siren.

So what did I miss. How to I initiate capture or vivisection?

Must be fully paralyzed. Not dead.

Seems like you are using the Neuralizer to bash the Siren instead of using its attack on her. There are separate icons for each action.

The melee attack icon is a fist.

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Hi Tekmage.

If you try to capture a Siren with that → good luck. The paralyzing state of an enemy is shown in green numbers like “6/140”. You have to keep the siren alive until the numbers grow over the stamina level of the creature. “142/140” then the siren would be caputred alive. If the Siren is dead before paralyzed: it is dead.

Until then the Siren is full alive it can do bad things to your team… but the more you paralyze it the less action points it will have.

Best way is to team up with Synedrion faction or steal from them. You will get weapons from them that are way more useful.

To your starting question: I have about 250 hours in the game. 100 of them in the actual game. I caputred a Scylla and a Siren ages ago. And still there is no end.

I think we might do things wrong. For me I defend every haven possible and clear out any infestation (playing Festering Skyes)

Playing on “Veteran” I have no clue why the Pandorans develop such hard shells and armor. It is almost impossible to win and it feels very hard for “Veteran”. I guess I would have no chance on higher difficulties.

Playing one Mission takes about an hour. And I have several missions a “game day”.
I don’t mind if it is a long game… I want to develop all tech, try out all weapons and build everything.

But I don’t think I will start a second game fast :slight_smile:
I think the game is “Super extra long long war” mode.