Help cannot complete endgame phoenix point story mode, synedrion objective path gitich(spoiler alert)

l am 59 hours into the game as you can see here

here is the problem,Help,l cannot find my objective to continue my story mode after l complete moon data analysis research,l followed synedrion path because their heaven are always attacked by Pandora virus,so l am allied with them in the early game

l can only upload photo because for some reason the forum won’t allow me to put recorded video

As you can see here there is objective telling me what to do in order to make process in the story mode(complete research project)

Here is the research report:

Then there is no objective telling me what to do to continue the story mode,Am l supposed to find the phoenix base, capture a siren or a Scylla,are those a part of the main storyline.

At first,l thought this is usual l waited for a while then nothing happen,then l thought the objective is saying to destroy a Pandora citadel,l even killed the Scylla,l was wrong again and nothing happen

l am confused pls help,now l will never get to see the ending of phoenix point,

l have the video if you need it,l can send it into your email

You will need to complete all Phoenix project research to make it work.

Are you saying that l must capture all the enemies to finish all the enemies vivisection research project,ln order to finish the story mode,l thought those are only side quests not a part of the main storyline,l would never dare try to capture a Scylla alive,this is insane

Just get your advanced paralysis research will give you sniper rifle that do 15 paralyzing damage. You will need around 120 damage. You can get a heavy/sniper combination and use the rank 7 heavy ability to paralyze it in one turn. It’s very easy. You need do all those objective until the final mission pops up, the name will depend on the what faction research you do.

Just kidding l want to see the ending so bad,thanks,for the answer