Infinite Enemy Turn

When i hit something in overwatch or kill sometimes the enemy doesn’t finish their turn, and i got stuck , i need to alt-f4 and then the mission save got corrupted and i need to do it all again , this is happening specially after dec 16 patch game got even more bugged …

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Yes it’s a bug. It’s happening to me. Hopefully there’s a hotfix incoming.
Wonder why they didn’t catch this.


100% infinite pandoran turn if i kill after Return Fire

For me its then i kill or disable the mindhunters head on overwatch i get stuck in an infinite loop

It’s happening to me also since today, DEC 16th update.

Small update that is currently working for me.

In TaskManager when you start game, go to EXE details and set priority to High.

Infinity Pandoran Turn is gone, but until proper fix this is current working one for me.

This is happening to me too. I’ll try @Tactical-Therapy 's fix and keep my fingers crossed.

Just happened to me on a Factory raid on a New Jericho Haven. I didn’t do anything, it was actually during the enemy turn. An assault used a medkit on a sniper I had wounded, and then nothing else happened.

Same scenario as @fritzz for me. Killed a mindhunter in overwatch and the game froze on pandoran’s turn.

It’s mindflayer.

same here. makes it unplayable. not a single Mission where i don’t get this bug.
Never had a game that was so fucking bugged…

Game got stuck after killing during overwatch

Sadly, that didn’t fix it for me. :frowning:

Unfortunately it worked for me but for 30 minutes or so.
Then Infinite Pandoran Loop started again.
First time it happened I had hard BIOS reset of whole computer.
After that when it happened I could scroll screen, music was playing but everything else wasn’t inaccessible until game shutdown via TaskManager.
I hope they fix it by tonight.

same, every mission its happening. I cant play due to this bug.