A few points on bugs

the Pandoran turn takes too long at the temple of Anu, over 20 mins at some point

Mind fraggers seem to reload an empty weapon with no ammo in the pack

After clearing a nest, I get asked to do something with a the 6th initiation, and if I click no way, the game crashes and will not go past that point

Some guns will not reload in the inventory before a mission if you have ammo in the stores which means you start the mission having to reload

Some of the graphics seem to stick to the screen on the Pandoran turn, it tend to be where the Overwatch from goes over buildings

All those bis said though, I am loving it, Im about to try and accept the offer the Disciples gave me and see if it still crashes out.

I clicked ok and the game continued, I have tried no way 3 times and it crashes each time.