Pandorans does not finish his turn

After the last patch it became impossible to play, because Pandorans does not finish his turn. Fix this bug!

I have noticed this too. Did it by any chance happen after a shotgun overwatch event which kills an enemy? I’ve had that happen twice now. Same guy a shottgunner Anu close fighter type caused it.

Nope, its not due to the shotgun. We have tested many different possibilities so far and shotgun doesn’t seem to be the issue.

The only other thing that was in common was I was that it was a Triton I was murdering both times. (ps it was the Anu shotgun, just in case you tested with the default one)

I faced this too on the last mission of Jericho (I think it’s last) legendary difficulty. It’s looks like pandorans finished actions but turn does not switch. I can move camera using mouse but UI is absent. I hope restarting the mission will help me to workaround it.

no matter how many times I restart a stuck mission, they always end up stuck again. So now I am at a mission I cannot just walk away from and its a stuck mission so I am forced to shelf the game.

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This has happened to me multiple times, the last one was today 12-21-2019

-I had 3 worms and a paralyzed Scylla, after I killed the last enemy, which was a Arthron, during an return fire action with an Aue shotgun by a Assault class.

I hit this problem today as well. The mission was a Pandoran Lair and I had to kill the Scylla to destroy it.

I holed my squad up in the corner of the map and pelted it with sniper fire. The Scylla kept using the mist bomb on my team. After the third bomb, the Pandoran turn just soft locks. None of the Pandorans move, and I can’t ever get a turn.

So, I restarted the game and retried the mission. Again, on the third mist bomb, the game soft locked in the same way.

I’m at a point where I can’t really proceed in the game. I can’t just leave that lair there forever, and I don’t feel like getting softlocked and wasting my time anymore.

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I just posted a fix at FIX For Freeze on End of Enemy Turn!. :slight_smile: