Game stuck in endless loop (have to alt tab and shut down game)

Fought my first siren (??balancing, literally took control of my entire squad and wiped us)

In any case, the game ended up being stuck in “pandoran activity” enemy turn, where the enemy would keep executing its turn over and over again…

Scenario was:

Enemy siren was the only enemy left
2 of my units were mind controlled by the siren

My last solider got killed due to bleeding (I believe) so I had no more units left

The game then went to the enemy turn, where the siren and my two mind controlled units moved. The game then probably tried to give me my turn, but I had no valid units (only two mind controlled ones), so it then went to Pandorna Activity phase where the enemy went again. Then it tried to allow me to go again, but I had no units, so Pandoran Activity went again. Basically it was stuck in this loop for 2 mins where the enemy would keep moving and my turn was skipped (because I had no one left). I couldn’t hit ESC and end mission or anything else so I just ended up ALT-TABing and shutting it down.