Feedback: Hey soldier - don't forget to reload when you finish a mission

Do you really need me to remind you after every mission that you should reload your weapon?

Seriously - I’m not your mother.


If you keep a healthy stock of ammo in storage they’ll not only reload the weapon fully on their own but restock their backpacks with whatever they started the mission with.

Not sure what qualifies as healthy - but I frequently find they haven’t restocked, and I have to go in and click the +ammo button.

I assume that’s just reloading from the stores…

If there needs to be some threshold for them to reload automatically, then some kind of pointer on that would help.

If you need to click +Ammo it means there wasn’t enough in stock to reload both the backpack and the weapons. Go to the manufacture screen and knock out 6-8 of your current ammo of each type used. If you really want to be fancy, a dozen.

Afterwards check up now and then after a couple missions to make sure you aren’t running low.

In that case - the ‘replenish’ screen should pop up to sort this

really - this stuff is just boring.

either reload from stores, or tell me that I need to replenish and give me a one-click way of handling it.

I can’t always keep a dozen rockets or goliath rounds in stores to make my soldiers act competent.

the ‘check up after a couple of missions’ advice is exactly the kind of boring that we could just avoid.

In Xcom you’d easily run out of Elerium because heavy plasma clips were kind of pricey and even one shot during a mission would dispose of the entire clip. So on limited resources you may not want to reload every time.

Yes, ideally the game should track bullets not clips but we’re not there yet.

There’s more - it turns out your soldier will keep empty clips in her backpack.
I can see the logic for not just removing them - but at least mark them with a warning symbol and show the warning icon in the personnel screen.

This has to happen automatically … I will not keep 100000 ammo in my stock just because incompetence. This shit costs mats too you know ?

Yea well if you cant afford the ammo for that weapon, don’t use that weapon. EZ. You can also add a ‘auto replenish’ toggle. Having a stock is more expensive.

I think they just haven’t had time to implement the ‘you cannot replenish Ammo’ dialog that should pop up if you cannot automatically replenish Ammo after a mission.