0 capacity ammo pack WTF

It is already great tedium to maintain inventory before each fight, but when you discover the spare ammo pack you though you had is empty…

Hell II cannon now useless. if it has 0 capacity, why does the object even exist?

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If your supplies are running low at the base it will not allow them to be restocked with ammo after the mission. I find I have to manufacture more then unequip/reequip the item in the personnel screen to fix this once supplies are on hand again. This is the same for the weapon and magazines.

This is what I mean by tedium. I am OK with not having supplies and the concept of partial ammo packs due to limited resources. What I am not OK with is having the nice yellow this-character-isn’t-fully-supplied icon go away when one of my equipped items is not at full par and/or show me the ammo pack isn’t full like the weapon magazine indicator. It’s all just make work that detracts from the game enjoyment if I have to hover over every piece of kit and make sure it is actually good to go.

I think a simple fix would be that when you manufacture more it will automatically shunt to the partially loaded weapons and magazines in a priority move over dropping in the “store” inventories. The leftovers could go there. Hopefully they will enact something similar over time.

When this happens to me after a mission, there is normally a ‘2’ in the inventory cell. I click on the 0 ammunition object and place in in the store. The 0 disappear and there is normally a full ammo that was hidden by the other one.

It’s been a long-standing issue which we highlighted in the BBs and which they are clearly struggling to fix.

For the moment, the fiddly, micro-management fix is to hover your mouse over the spare ammo in your backpack. That tells you how many bullets eac magazine still contains.

I personally think the simplest fix is to give all ammo packs the same ‘health marker’ as weapons - so that you can see at a glance how full they are in the same way that you can keep track of your weapons.

Yes, using the weapon marker would work, although that one is sometimes hard to spot when you are only down one. It needs a bit of a tweak; maybe only show the marker when you are down as a stronger signal.

Speaking about health markers: is there a way in the UI to find out how many hit points left in the weapon? Can I make on more bash with my Hel cannon or is it becoming risky?