Freezing after Scavenging Mission

Great game, enjoying. Stuck here.
This is a simple one. After a scavenging mission you get the summary, then when you click “Go Back To Geoscape” it beeps and nothing happens. Here is a screen shot.

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Your lucky you get this far! For me right now every mission I do it gets half way through and just stops? I can scroll around send a bug report but it does not release the controls back to me to either move or make a selection, it is random as well sometimes I get right to the end and it does it other times it is the first round. I have to force quit reload (long long wait) I pick a different mission just in case it was that one and again the same deal? So not matter what it is it will just not complete it! It is getting worse as well, before I could play no issues except for the other bugs of course but at least I could do a mission now narda!


I had the same worries in a mission Scavenging Site

I had the same problem with a Haven Defense mission. Finished the mission, XP doled out, and when you click “Return to Geoscape” it just beeps and nothing happens.