Bug: Empty Globe After Battle

I finished a battle and started my return to geoscape. However, the return to geoscape stopped at an empty globe facing the nearly empty middle of the pacific ocean. When I reload from geoscape autosave from the end of the battle, I am returned to this empty globe.


i know that pain. That why me stopped testing game.

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got this issue today… whole evening :confused:

probably game can’t load some part of savegame… or just savegame doesn’t have some critical part which should be there.

same 123char

sadly I have no idea… :confused: it’s just random for me.
BUT if I have to guess it’s ‘period of time in game’ related.
I am able to load old savegame, and after that I receive next mission…and If I win this mission i got an empty globe. no matter which haven I decide to defend. it’s happening just like that.

So some event after that mission must be broken.

This happen if you have “completed” the “Pandoran physiology” research (from New Jericho, the one that reduce by 25% the time to finish any Pandoran based research), this research is dead broken (it also block your research wait line if you don’t remove it)

I am sorry guys, but this bug makes the BB5 unplayable.
I was able to avoid previous error by skipping some missions (and losing havens). So a week passed and I started to accept missions again… and guess what. empty globe again after spending 1h on a mission. And right now, no matter if I use a command or win by killing enemies, I got the same result. empty globe.
I think that @gemeaux333 may be right and there may ba a connection between researches and empty globe. maybe IF you finish your reserach while you are on the mission? because I was very close to finish the project when I deploy my team?

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Yep. This is a campaign killer, and it’s ruined me as well.

I’ve started a thread on this elsewhere:

It originally was triggered for an NJ loyalty quest, but I finally got through by using older saves and recompleting the mission. But now it happens just reloading savegames in geoscape. It’s a campaign killer, and I don’t want to go back 3-4 missions on the hope it won’t re-trigger a third time.

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I also tried purging old savegames b/c I had too many, and that fixed a prior different error during save. But it does not fix this ‘blank geoscape of doom’ problem.

Console works while it is hung up like this, but no command seems to reset the UI or push through whatever ‘proceed’ / segue / transition activity that is hanging it up. Still stuck.

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I’ve restarted the game 4 times, deleted all the save games and started afresh, even downloaded it again, and it happens again and again.

Kills the game

Until I see a patch come out that corrects it I’m not even going to bother firing the game up any more


Hello everyone,

I just encountered two queens and lost my squad. Returning to the goescape put me in the pacific as described above. Was this bug not fixed prior to release?


Also experiencing this bug. Was doing one of the story missions, Cryo something, where you kill Raiders to retrieve data. Loaded to middle of Ocean with no ability to navigate Geomape. Effectively a Campaign killer.

Experienced this bug again in the release version. Battle ends, xp awarded, battle transitions to empty globe with no interface.

Has anyone discovered a work around?

If this happens again to anyone, please use the F12 in game bug reporter to report it. It gives the QA team much more data to look at

My work around was to download a cheat engine, not for the cheaty parts, but because the globe locks and turn locks that were in BB5 returned in the later battles of the release game. The cheat engine gave me access to the console commands. Reload the last save you have of the battle, use the cheat engine to issue the /win console command, and USUALLY you will progress back to the globe normally. If it fails, reload the next most recent battle save and try again until you succeed. Hate to say it, but like many of us anticipated there wasn’t quite enough time to debug the game that you can get on without a cheat engine to counter the bugs.