Idea for more troops: recruiting centers

Ok so the lack of an ability to recruit troops is bad. your soldiers are not the gods of combat like xcom 2
all troop level ups only really get stat boost or become proficient with different weapons and armors which i’m fine with.
But with the commonality of death of this game you need to be able to refresh troops.

right now you need to fly to other haven to even recruit troops and hope they have one that you want or your screwed.

my idea is this:
adding of a new building: recruiting centers.
as the game progresses more people will be attracted to Phoenix point bases wanting to join them. you can then spend resources to train these people into the soldiers you want. this can also work as recruiting engineers to help manufacture or build, and researcher to research( couldn’t find a better word.)

obviously the pool of people won’t be infinite as unlike the xcom games you don’t have wave of humans willing to sign up for the front lines and if you wait to long to recruit some people might leave.

But i think this is a good way to recruit more soldiers with out having to bounce around to several dozen havens just to find the right soldier.


i’ll also love a way to recruit them without running everywhere :p.

Just a side note, you don’t have to fly to the havens to see if they have a soldier to “sell”. Zoom a little and you’ll see a little dude on the bottom right of the haven icon. If you click it and go to info (without going there with your ship) you’ll be ablo to check what’s available for recruitement ^^