Console command to skip turn

Is there a command to skip past the current turn? I was playing and almost finished a mission and it hung on the enemy’s turn, also is there a list of commands anywhere?

So lazy, just use the forum search for complete list, no need for more of these threads.

Type “win” to win the fight and “list” for a list of commands.

Wow, such class and consideration, no wonder the gaming community is renown worldwide for it’s kindness and generosity.

I did actually do a search and read this:

But I saw that some people were listing some commands so I figured there wasn’t an official list, posted my question and went to make dinner, really glad you answered my questions with such grace :upside_down_face:

Nothing against you, it just feels like noone uses the search nowadays (not only here).

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Sorry for my intense aggression, I’ve made snarky ‘use the search’ replies on the other communities I frequent. I’m a self taught animator on the many of the animation boards I am on I have seen the same questions ask by noobs and young children again and again and I have slowly been realizing I just need to chill out, and if my reply starts to sound like an old man screaming ‘get off my lawn’ I force myself to hit ‘Ctrl-A’ and then press ‘Delete’ and just hope that someone else will help them out.

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use ‘end_turn_current_faction’