BB5 -- Freezing

I’m still experiencing freezing on the enemy turn during battle. I keep trying to complete one of the faction missions, but the game freezes at the end of the enemy turn. Sound effects are continuing, I can move around the screen with the mouse, but nothing else. So I cannot continue playing at all. Is someone working to fix this? Is / are there workaround to bypass this? This is obviously a game ending bug and ruins any chance of continuing with the game in any fashion. I’ve seen it mentioned by others, but no explanation or plan of action to fix! Very frustrating! Thank You


correct, it was reported earlier. just use a cheat code to win the mission and keep fingers crossed not to face an empty globe error

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Cheat code?

open console
type: win
press enter

OK. Thanks.

Oh yikes, if the cheat code is tied the empty globe bug which is plaguing me, I’m doomed.

Once it became clear how Long War-ish and frequent the raids could be, I cheated on raid + nest cleanup often just to advance the plot at a meaningful pace.

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can’t confirm or deny, but I got empty globe error on missions that I passed in a honest way, and those I had to fix with the code. So I am sure these are separate bugs.

how do you open the console on a MAC?

I’m not sure how to open the console on a PC either

I think it’s just the tilde (~) key to open and close. I’m on a PC, can’t speak for a Mac.

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no. it’s a complete freeze. even load_game is not working. you have to restart the game.
Thats why I asked dev’s (@UnstableVoltage :wink: ) to add a console command to go to main menu

I am facing the same problem at 3% mist. It really spoils the mood, though Please fix it soon.

no no… you get me wrong.
IF a save: manual, autosave, quick_save causes empty_globe, it will ALWAYS causes this error, because the file has been malformed and the game is unable to load a correct data.
In this case you HAVE TO load earlier save and repeat your actions/mission etc.

What I asked for is to be able to return by console command FROM empty globe to main menu, because right now after empty globe you have to close the application, restart game (5 minutes), load a previous save, only to discover that this save is malformed as well, so close the app… and again and again until you find a correct save. if we have this console command we could skip file check operation.

I am not sure if it works after you get empty_globe. at lease console load of regular games is not working.

I am not sure if it works after you get empty_globe. at lease console load of regular games is not working.

Doesn’t work for me. I have the empty globe problem and while the console works and responds like it is doing something with quick_load, nothing ever loads. I just get the ‘finger pointing soldier with a tip’ splash screen ad infinitum.

The empty globe error is a straight campaign killer for me. I’ve gone back to working saves and proceeded forward, and 1-2 saves later I get the empty globe bug again. No clear root cause, key event, etc. that I can discern.

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I traced one to a NJ research that reduces entry points in base defense by 50%. If I finished this research, I would get empty globe after next mission. By keeping it unresolved it seems to still work fine until now.

I have found a new and very irritating bug which end the game totally and you need to start an entire new game from scratch if and when it appears! It is random and can appear early in the game or it lets you get almost to the end and does it. What happens is this: You go on a normal mission (everything is fine) you get your first round do your deal then the aliens get their turn (or civs) on the 3rd movement of the aliens eg: the third one to move is just stops? Like the AI is thinking but never makes a choice?, you can scroll the screen, the animations still run but no other action is available. It does not give you back the UI to click on anything and it NEVER ends its turn - GAME OVER - if you reload it will do it again, if you pick a different mission it will do it again, as soon as you start any battle you just get one round and three movements of the Aliens. The only way to fix it is to delete all games and start from scratch and hope you get a little further before it comes back. But basically if it hits its over full stop!

It’s nothing new with that. jus use a console code to win a mission and continue.

yes I do that now, however, I sometimes only get one turn eg move into position and as the alien turn starts it does not end? So basically I get to do nothing at all! It is becoming a bit tedious now because all I seem to be doing is entering “WIN” and moving to the next battle just to type WIN again! It is like the AI just stops thinking? It really needs to be fixed and patched so we can at least keep testing for other bugs with some kind of enjoyment as a reward!


Hello Guys,
so what can I do to fix this empty globe bug?

Hope you can help me the bug is killing me.

Best Regards