I did not get my activation key

I did the platinum edition, and did not get my activation key for retail. I read I should have gotten it on the 29th, I did not.

A second email will have been sent Dec 2nd. check you spam/trash/promotions folder for it. If you still cannot find it, email contact@snapshotgames.com with your transaction ID number

I checked for the second email, and trash. no dice. I emailed them, but have not gotten a reply :frowning:

The person in charge of answering all the emails is technically supposed to be on vacation. That said, you shouldn’t have too long of a wait

Still haven’t gotten my code, it’s been a couple days. Is there someone else I can contact?

I’ve just been through and replied to all of the outstanding emails from the contact inbox.

I wonder if my email is getting filtered from your account. I’ll try emailing from another one, as I still haven’t gotten a reply.

Pretty sure that was the problem (my email was going into their junk mail folder). I sent another email from another address and got a quick response.

Email addresses which contain the words “spam” or “junk” often automatically bounce from a lot of systems.