11 days on and still no retail Key

Is anyone else still having issues actually getting their Retail Key?

I saw some other posts about this on the forums and all recommendations were to email contact@snapshotgames.com and they’d chase it up.

So far I’ve sent half a dozen emails to them, I’ve contacted the payment provider Xsolla and I’ve even tweeted them and the founder Julian Gollop and not had any response beyond Xsolla confirming I should have received my key as the payment was processed successfully. Well yeah…

Do we know if anyone from Snapshot reads the forums?


You did check your spam folder, right?


We’ve actually received 2 (4) emails from you.

One on December 11th (which also showed you had sent 2 more on previous dates - which for some reason we didn’t receive), and your most recent email today - December 12th.

I replied to your December 11th email at 2:24pm GMT - just an hour after you sent it. You obviously didn’t receive this, as you sent another email the following day, which I again replied to 2:47pm - just 3 minutes after you sent it.

It looks like you didn’t receive that either - yet I received no delivery failure notification.

Anyway, as someone’s email isn’t behaving like it should, somewhere - I’ll PM the details to you.


Thanks for your update and the PM - both received.

If you can also PM me the address you’re sending from I’ll ask our mail admins to find out why it’s not coming through or being held in our mail quarantine systems.