No Key in mail, very frustrating

So its December the 3rd and i’m finally off of work, get home looking to install the Phoenix Point game and…no key in my email.
I have checked spam, junk, even my trash if deleted by mistake. Nothing. Ive even went back and found the receipt from my purchase back in January of 2019. I have even gotten promotion offers to get the season pass with my game. These came through and no issues, both from Xsolla.
Now I am already pissed because I spent 80$ to get the season pass included with the game and to have my soldiers name in the roster. Not only have I lost out on the name thing, but now I don’t have a key to enter the game. Also I can not find anything to contact support, so here i am on the forums.
Can anyone lend a hand out there?

Hey Chris,
I had the same “issue”. Just drop a mail to with the “Transaction number”. I got response in ~1hr with my key. No need to be pissed, send mail, wait for the key and enjoy the game! :]

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