I bought a game. I can not get the key to the new version.

Good day. I apologize in advance for my English.

I have a problem. I bought the game on August 26 at 13:49 Moscow time.
But December 3 did not receive the key to the update.
I still have a beta version. Although I bought the maximum version of the game.

I wrote about my problem to contact@snapshotgames.com. I did this 3 times, in December and January. I have never received an answer.

P.S. Checked the spam folder, there are also no letters.

What should I do? Thank you in advance for your reply.

Sorry for the delay in responding. Did you also check your trash/promotions folders? GMail tends to stick the email in promotions. If you still cannot find it, try sending an email to snapshot from a different email address.

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Thank you for your reply. I want to clarify a few details.
I wrote to tech support from prolog-off@yandex.ru
I indicated the same mail when I received the registration key.
I checked the Spam folders, I didn’t find anything there.
At the same time I am subscribed to the news from ‘Phoenix Point’. And get them regularly.
P.S. I will write again. No problem.
There is a recommendation, from which mail is it better to do?

As far as I know the emails go through using gmail, so I’d try that. The replies just tend to end up in gmail’s promotions folder

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I am very grateful to you for your help! Your message helped me - send a letter from another mailbox. Technical support quickly answered and restored my code. Now I, like many here present, will begin to play and enjoy the game! :+1: :ok_hand: :v: :muscle: :grin:
P.S. I just want to add one thing from myself: if you have many fans from Russia, then many of them use mail from Yandex (mail.yandex.ru). It may be worthwhile to understand why the letters do not reach.

Your emails didn’t reach you because you had mistyped your email address. It has nothing to do with Yandex. All fixed now.

Enjoy if you can! :slight_smile: