Never received backer build 4/5 epic games key

I ordered the Platinum edition of the game with early access. I have the snapshot games launcher, but I can’t find any key that I can redeem on epic games. I have the receipt for the purchase but other than that, I have nothing. I have already checked my spam folder as well as Gmail promotions. Please help.

You should have received an email from on March 27th. If you haven’t got the email, please contact the same address and we can resend it to you.

Thank you, is there anything in particular I need to include in the email?

We just need the email address which you used to purchase. The chances are that the system sent the email to you and it got caught in spam. With your email address I can find it and send it to you again manually.

Alright email sent. That is the same address I used. I can post it here as well if that helps.

No need. I believe I’ve received it and replied.

Thanks @UnstableVoltage. I was able to download the game. Must have deleted it from my spam folder initially.