Game Key Soldier Roster Edition

Hello, please I purchased Soldier roster edition year ago, and i got my receipt from Xsolla and download link, I also got Chaos Reborn Game key, but I cannot find my PP activation key that will be used on Epic I guess, how do I proceed in such case. I also bought gift copy for my frien.

Thx for info

@UnstableVoltage may help you out, write him all your information in a pm.

you should have received an email from titled “Your key for Backer Build 4.” I’d check in your spam/trash folders. If you are using gmail, check under promotions. It the email address you are using is different to the one associated with your method of payment check that one.

If you still cannot find it, send an email to the address above. Given that they are coming back from E3 it may take a while for a response from them.

One final thing, the current keys are for the back builds only. You will receive another key for the final game at launch

I’m in the same boat, I can’t find the E-mail with the keys… Someone can help out ?

same advice as above.

Ah, thanks for advice, it seems that after backer build 3 I stopped receiving any updates at all, I will contact them directly and see whats going on, I have both my Xszolla receipts and order numbers so I think they can sort it out OK, thanks