I bought the deluxe eddition through epic games on day one

I bought the deluxe edition through epic games on day one but as of yet i am either doing something wrong or my game is bugged but i am unable to even see the check box for my living weapons and chitin armor pack. Can anyone offer some insight. Thank you.

The plan was to stop including the Alien Weapons and Armour DLC in the tiers of purchase post launch, though I don’t know if it has changed. On the chance that it has changed, are you launching from the EGS, because for the DLC to show up, it needs to be from the EGS

:edit: if it has been removed, it’ll be on sale again in 3 months according to the original plan

Yea i bought it from epic on day one but it only show blood and titanium and the other 2 saying coming soon no dlc tile for the weapons and armor. As screen shots i have seen floating around.

The reason I asked if you were launching it from the EGS is that if you launch it from the folder, the game cannot do the authentication check to see if you own the DLC, but it can if launched from the EGS. Something about how the DLC was included

Ok I will try again. Thank you for your input.

this is what the dlc page in game looks like.

unless I’m mistaken that means you’ll need to wait until it goes on sale separately to get it, which will be in 3 months

this is what epic store says so now i am very confused

the digital bonus content refers to the manual, art book, soundtrack, etc
the Season Pass DLC refers to 5 other DLC, not the Alien Weapons and Armour DLC.

The AWaA DLC was originally intended to be something special, only for the fig backers. We objected to the fig backers having exclusive content so it was changed to a pre-order bonus to go on sale at a later date.

Hopefully that cleared up some confusion

well then i guess i need to talk to epic casue this is what the deluxe edition page says

And this is the edition chart from epic

I’ve got the same “issue”. Don’t remember having it available anywhere when I started my game.
Confusion on the Epic’s store side, maybe?

Maybe a forum mod or dev can clarify for me since these are screen shots I took of epic store page.

Good that I went for the ultra edition. I gots me living weapons. Oh, and I pre-ordered.

Thank you for that info but it doesn’t really help me clarify my issue.

For everyone having this issue: You’ve purchased the Deluxe Edition and can’t see the DLC listed when starting a new game - please hit F12 when on that screen and submit a bug report to our QA department.

We’re currently trying to track down the cause of this issue, and why it is only affecting certain people. Reporting the issue using this method sends client and game-state data to our QA department so they can see what is going on under the hood and hopefully track the cause of the issue.

Weren’t alien weapon and armor offered to people who have pre-ordered a game before Epic deal?

No. They’re part of every edition except the Digital Download Edition, Digital Extras Edition and Base Edition. It’s not part of the season pass.

Great stuff! At least we got some info about it.
I just remember this due to another post, from UnstableVoltage as well.

Sharing it here just because I found it actually

Thank you! Will do that as soon as I get home!