How do the bonus in game items work

I got the Luxury Digital Edition over a year ago and sort of forgot any of the finer details, but I found the reward pages to see what I was actually getting, and rediscovered this edition includes Alien chitin armor set & ‘living’ gun set items.

I’m just wondering how this works? In the past, I have made the mistake of buying ‘full game bundles’ on Steam getting all expansions and minor items for a game I was interested in only to discover that the games will dump new characters with in-game items that break the early game. I am not really clear on how Epic story handles extras like this, but I would just like to know how these items work and if I can opt-out of them as you can in Steam and unselect extras from the game you don’t want to install?

the alien weapons and armour dlc is available for higher tier levels at launch, and for will be available for purchase 3 months after launch for everyone else.

It’ll include several alien themed weapons and armour pieces that are broadly similar to other weapons and armour in the game and several missions to play through that revolve around the weapons and armour. They won’t be vastly stronger than the other stuff though.

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