How to start the game on epic without Year one edition?

I want to finish my arkham Playthrough. I deactivated the auto update in the epic launcher before the year one edition launched. Now the game shows as year one edition in the epic launcher and it always wants to update before i can start the game. It doesn’t let me start the game without the year one update. How can i start the game without the year one update? Or can i continue my old savegame after the year one update?

Unfortunately not, they are not longer compatible.

  1. Close the Epic launcher.
  2. Search for the folder where the game is installed (if you didn’t change the path when installing the game it should look something like this: “C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Phoenix Point”)
  3. In this folder start (double click) “PhoenixPointWin64.exe”
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See in this thread, someone preserved 1.8, contact via Personal Messages here

now i found it. I always looked in program files x86.